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The pair of jeans you can "borrow" from men and will be a trend this season....⁠

Aktualisiert: 6. März 2021

Recycling, recycling, recycling, and although keeping in trend ;)⁠


As a child (and a teeny.. and also when I grew up) I used to wear some of my father's clothes.

He was 1.85 m tall and as tough as 3 or 4 times me ... so you can imagine who big his clothes were compared with mines.... But that exactly was the point!...⁠

These were the comfiest clothes in the world...and...if you know how to style them... they become repentantly part of the trend ;)⁠

On this occasion the famous: boyfriend-jeans

This year the trend of mom and boyfriend jeans is even more evident than in previous seasons. With jeans or trousers that don't really fit or where you have the feeling that there is just too much fabric everywhere...⁠

I ask myself: should we really buy jeans that don't fit at all? or we borrow them better from a friend, boyfriend, brother, father or whoever?


I have already begun "borrowing" a pair of ragged jeans, which is trendy and also very comfy ;) ... a good belt or ar colorful scarf can help to fit this so it doesn´t fall off... and that's all!⁠


Who else is already in a father's, brother's, or boyfriend's wardrobe? ⁠

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