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... some facts about our process, our products, and our values


GRAINOV SAND is a small company, which creates handmade bags & accessories for sunny moments.

From the selection of the color pallets, and the design of printed fabrics, to the confection, everything is locally made at our small atelier in Germany.

Stoffe für Taschen


with love

Process Confection Bag

100% Handmade


The love put into our processes can be transmitted to you through our products.

We work with respect for our environment, selecting also partners and suppliers, who aim to work consciously.

100% handmade

Every beach bag, pouch, tote and accessory is 100% handmade with love and care at our small atelier. 

"That's the thing with handmade items. They still have the person's mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone"

-Aimee Bender

We put a piece of life in the election of the colors, in creating a harmonious pallet that invites you to travel, laugh, enjoy and share.

All our prints and fabric patterns are integrally designed by us, inspired by an made for beautiful moments.

Nähprozess zur Erstellung von Taschen

100% Handmade

process Grainov Sand

exclusive pattern designs

locally produced

All our products are designed and manufactured by us in Germany. Our harmonious and exclusive prints are also created 100% by us locally.

Our business partners are mainly located in the EU as well. They are mostly local producers and traders, who also work committed to sustainability and fairness.

Auswahl der Stoffe bei dem Grainovs Atelier

local supply chain


We certainly know, there is no planet B. That's why we pay particular attention to optimizing resources and materials and thereby keeping waste to a minimum.

Our packaging is designed together with our suppliers paying attention to the use of renewable materials as well as materials from certified sources.

Your order helps to support initiatives to have more trees planted worldwide, reducing the environmental impact of the production and distribution processes.

Nachhaltige Verpackung

we say no to


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